The Association is an independent, representative body which seeks by its activities to facilitate the effective delivery of justice and promote public confidence in forensic science.

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To represent the common views of the providers of independent forensic science within the United Kingdom and Ireland with regard to the maintenance and development of quality and best practice in forensic science and expert opinion in support of the justice system, from scene to court.


To be the unified, objective, informed voice of practical forensic science provision in order to best support the interests of the criminal justice system through a partnership approach.


To be the voice of forensic science providers within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, recognised as such by other key stakeholders, including the Regulator, legislators, investigators, lawyers and the judiciary.

To influence, for the more effective delivery of justice, the application of best practice and appropriate standards for forensic science within the criminal justice system.

To exchange good practice in the delivery of forensic science to the appropriate standards.

To develop and promote continually improving standards in forensic science.

To influence the development of forensic science end-to-end service delivery policies in relation to scientific quality.